Why Wash & Dry 1?

The patented 3D Business patented Wash & Dry 1 washing and drying system is the only ultra-rapid integrated system.

Through continuous research for innovation, 3D Business engineers have created a system that can wash a model with consumption as low as 5ml of product .

With new spray technology, Wash & Dry 1 can pre-wash, wash and ultimately dry a model in just 60 seconds.

How it works

Wash 1 uses two different products for washing and rinsing.

STEP 1: Washing, an extremely long-lived cleaner A is used, which, although widely used, allows the 3D Business spray to remove the resin left on the model after printing.

STEP 2: Rinse, a quick-drying, completely fresh cleaner B is used each time. This allows for the removal of residues from phase 1.

STEP 3: Drying, during this last step the model is dried in a matter of seconds thanks to the features of cleaner B.

Absolute record-breaking consumption

By combining the two technologies 3DB-Spray and cleaner A+B the Wash & Dry 1 station is able to use micro charges of product in order to achieve a result of impeccable cleaning in a very short time and with significant savings of chemicals, so we, the wallet and the environment are happy.

Wash & Dry

60 sec per model
Up to 200 washes/liter

Dimensioni e pesi375x250 H315mm3,5Kg
Dimensioni e pesi imballoDA DEFINIRE
Dimensioni interno359x234 H212mmAltezza MAX 277mm
Capacità vasca di raccolta2500ml
Capacità serbatoio 700mlCirca 100 lavaggi
AlimentazioneSeparata 12V 1A
Aria compressa2 Bar MINMini compressore opzionale

Data in hand.

Innovation in 3D Business production processes has driven a one-tenth reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of standard commercial 3D printers, for an increasingly sustainable future.

Looking to the future, 3D Business. Read more.

Built from other printers.

3D Business machines are born out of continuous cutting-edge research and technique with an innovative concept, contributing to a significant reduction in environmental impact. Entirely built from other 3D printers with specially developed, fully biodegradable and UV-resistant materials, the 3D Business range ensures low energy consumption and relevant thermal and acoustic insulation. This pioneering choice led to the realization of an efficient and highly optimized product in terms of reliability, compactness, and quietness. In addition, the durable and lightweight structure results in being impact-proof.