The next generation of dental modeling.

General Features

KeyPrint 3D printing resins are specifically formulated for the dental industry and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including modeling, surgical guides, veneer molds, and occlusal splints. Join the digital dental revolution with improved quality, efficiency and profitability.

Keystone Industries introduced in 2018 KeyPrint, a line of precision resin 3D specially formulated for the dental industry, combined its unique blend of dental and photopolymer expertise to make 3D printing resins from the best quality for the dental market.The resins are compatible with DLP printers (wavelengths of 385-405 nm).

Giving priority to patient safety, Bio KeyPrint resins undergo a series of Of biocompatibility testing in accordance with global regulatory standards. Each biocompatible print complies with international standards to effectively assure the patient. The good formulations of
KeyPrint guarantee a shelf life of 3 years and color stability.