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Galaxy 6 PLUS is a professional medium-format printer designed for small labs or chair side application. by adopting the latest technologies such as monochrome displays the Galaxy 6 is an extremely fast and accurate 3d printer.

By electronically controlling the resin temperature and print volume itself, the Galaxy 6 is able to achieve unprecedented levels of reliability and performance.

With Galaxy 6 you work without worries in fact it does not need any kind of setting or calibration since the printing plate is also self-calibrating.

3D Business engineers also focused on comfort of use, in fact, thanks to the adoption of a large but low-speed electronic cooling fan, the 3D printer is extremely quiet.

Active heat management. This green approach allows you to use all the heat produced by the LEDs to heat resin and print chamber, but if that is not enough an active heating element takes over to keep temperatures at the correct level. Because stable temperature means accurate prints.

Galaxy 6 also offers dynamic printing profiles. This technology introduced by 3D Business in 2015 and greatly developed over the years allows each single layer to be printed under the optimal conditions. Thanks to special algorithms developed by 3D Business, each printing parameter is automatically optimized layer by layer in order to always achieve the best ratio of speed, accuracy and reliability.

What is the POWER SLAB?
The power slab is a technology developed by 3D Business engineers to take advantage of special high-temperature LEDs to achieve very high UV energy density while recovering all the heat produced by the LEDsby channeling it to heat resin and print volume. A special duct system and a sophisticated algorithm ensure that all temperatures are always at the levels set for the resin loaded in the printer.

The PLUS version was created for the most stringent precision requirements. This version of the galaxy 6 in fact comes with a 4K print display that achieves a pixel size of only 30 microns or 0.03 mm. Such high detail places the Galaxy 6 PLUS on the Olympus of professional 3d printers.

Transparent resins

In modern applications, the use of transparent resins is increasingly in demand. Many printers are capable of printing this type of resin; what is not known is the level of accuracy with which they do so.

Due to issues related to the physics of light propagation, normal printers are unable to print transparent resins with a high degree of accuracy.

For this reason, 3D Business has developed a version specifically optimized to be able to print fully transparent resins with extreme accuracy.

For more information about this special version contact us now.

Optimized printing algorithms

Dynamic Profiles are special algorithms designed by 3D Business engineers to optimize printing based on each type of resin.
This is a unique feature of 3DBusiness printers.
With dynamic profiles, you can revolutionize the quality of your models and make parts printable that cannot be made with classic profiles.

Among the main benefits, we find:

Reduction in printing time from 50% to 70%.
Drastic reduction of printing defects in critical areas.
Significant improvement in the dimensional accuracy of manufactured parts.
Automatic calculation of optimal printing conditions for each individual layer, thanks to special algorithms built into the software.
Tecnologia StampanteLED-LCDMSLA
Dimensione LCD6,6 pollici 4Kmonocromatico
Risoluzione LCD4098x2560 4K MONOA celle aperte
Volume di stampa143x89x160
Dimesione PIXEL35 um
Controlli temperaturaResina e volume di stampa a
temperatura controllata
controllo attivo con raffreddamento/riscaldamento resina
AzionamentoMicrostepper accuratezza 1,2um
Metodo di distaccoFEP
Asse ZGuida linear HIWIN
Profili di stampaDinamici
Fonte UVLED MONODoppia lente di correzione parallela
Lunghezza d'onda405nm
ConnessioniStampante collegata in rete anche
tramite cloud e modalità stand alone
Metodo di slicingIntegrato nella stamapnte
Memoria interna64GBOpz. 1TB
IntefacciaDisplay touch 7" WEB based
connesso ad internet con possibilità
di vedere video tutorial dal display
stampante e manuale uso on line
Processo parametrato con resine
sistema aperto compatibile con tutte le resine a 405nm
SoftwareSpreent 3D exocad integrated
NotePiatto di stampa autocalibrante
Dimensioni e pesi Stampante29x27x52cm7,5Kg
Dimensioni e pesi Imballo40x40x70cm10,5Kg
Velocità di stampa in
mm/h in Z con layer
100 um e resina
standard da modello

High resolution is nothing without control!

Actual images of the printer as it builds a 1mm diameter cylinder.
That’s why Business 3D printers give smoother and more accurate surfaces than others

Normal use of printing LCD pixels.

Using Pixels with Dynamic Profiles exclusive 3D Business

Built by other 3D printers

3D Business machines are born out of continuous cutting-edge research and technique with an innovative concept, contributing to a significant reduction in environmental impact. Entirely built from other 3D printers with specially developed, fully biodegradable and UV-resistant materials, the 3D Business range ensures low energy consumption and relevant thermal and acoustic insulation.
This pioneering choice has led to the realization of an efficient product that is highly optimized in terms of reliability, compactness, and quietness-with a durable and lightweight structure turns out to be impact-proof.

Data in hand:

Innovation in 3D Business production processes has driven a one-tenth reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the production of standard commercial 3D printers, for an increasingly sustainable future.

Looking to the future, 3D Business.

The innovative 3D Business thermal insulation system

The efficient thermal insulation, dynamic feature 3D Business.
Produced directly by 3D printing using the best raw materials and new technologies conceived by our engineering team, Business 3D Printers have remarkably low thermal conductivity. By ensuring high thermal and acoustic insulation, energy consumption is lowered.

Technology in detail.
3D Business experience guided the company to the conception of a system based on a closed-cell honeycomb structure, which forms the bones and skin of the walls of printers and curing booths.
The wall structure consists of a honeycomb arrangement of air cells. The rhomboidal cell structure is not only the secret to perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, but also ensures its incredible mechanical strength as well as lightness and structural rigidity.
A special feature of this material is also its total imperviousness to UV rays, a fundamental characteristic for machinery working with UV resins.

The material that makes it all possible.

The material that makes up more than 80 percent of our machines is based on polylactic acid which is produced from renewable raw materials, essentially corn “digested” by natural enzymes. At the end of their lives, all 3D Business products are compostable.

All Innovation, 3D Business.

Warranty up to 5 years

The only Guarantee that really lasts.

3D Business is proud to announce its extended warranty of up to 5 years on all of its Galaxy range 3D printers.
The attention to detail and quality that has always guided 3D Business has enabled it to present the only extended warranty of up to 5 years in the field of additive manufacturing.

How to request service on products and parts under warranty?

Download and submit the M.R.A Form, or follow the instructions here.

Extended Warranty every 12 months automatically applied at annual service plan renewal.

Dental models

Galaxy 6 printer
Resin: 3D Business Water beige

Galaxy 6 PLUS Printer
Resin: Mack4D model

Galaxy 9 PLUS Printer
Resin: Dentona model

Galaxy 10 printer
Resin: 3D Business Water white

Functional prototypes

Printer: Galaxy 6 PLUS
Resin: 3D Business Ceramic

Printer: Galaxy 6
Resin: 3D Business Ceramic

Printer: Galaxy 6
Resin: 3D Business Ceramic

Printer: Galaxy 5
Resin: Chromable

Jewelry elements made of meltable resin

Printer: Galaxy 5 PLUS
Resin: 3D Business CR3A

Printer: Galaxy 5
Resin: 3D Business X10

Printer: Galaxy 6
Resin: 3D Business X10+HARD

Printer: Galaxy 5
Resin: 3D Business CR3A

Jewelry elements made of gum resin

Printer: Galaxy 6
Resin: 3D Business Model HT

Printer: Galaxy 5
Resin: 3D Business Model HT

Printer: Galaxy 5
Resin: 3D Business Mdel HT

Customized hearing aids

In-the-ear and behind-the-ear customized hearing aids.

They are made of soft, hypoallergenic resins that are extremely comfortable to wear

Designed to guarantee you the best.

3DBusiness products are designed by Italian engineers and technicians to ensure the best professional printing experience for your business. Service and Support always at the highest level for all products in the 3DBusiness offering.