STL models
Spreent 3D

Print template management software. Full integration with Business 3D printers in the Galaxy family.


Added lock after nesting
integration with millbox, new command line parameters management

Added Polyjet technology (special project)
Added maximum link distance parameter

Stabilization bars (expert version)
new objects browsers in visibility tool for exclusive view on the selected object
labels and tag IDs are considered part of the object during nesting
Labels and tag IDs are no more destroyed if object is only rotated along Z axis
optimized link calculation

Rendering core updated
improvement stabilization bar
renewed browser communication function
new focus on object when using browse function in Visibility tool
improved report image dimension settings via prototype file

Drive Dongle Spreent -3D

Driver for the Chive Dongle Usb needed to activate the Spreent 3D software.

Poli-Box Software

Poli-Box polymerization booth management software from 3D Business.

Be-Box Software

Be-Box polymerization booth management software from 3D Business.

Utility Print Finder quickly finds your 3D printer in the network with one click
Setup Configuration files for Spreent 3D (All versions)

Unzip and replace existing file in the …programs/Spreent3D/ folder.

How to get the Output code to send us for the free trial

  1. Install the Software (PC).
  2. When applying for a license, state that you do not have one.
  3. Click on “Continue.”
  1. Click on ” Request License.”
  1. Copy the code at the top of the screen.”
  2. Paste into the form fieldOutput Code “below.
  3. Check that you have completed the other fields in the request form.
  4. Click submit
  5. Wait for the Response Code by email.
  1. Copy the code in the “Activaction Code” part.
  2. Click Ok

    The perfect solution for managing your printi. Developed by 3D Business together with its partners for your most important 3d projects.

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