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W13 Ultrasonic Washing Machine.

The 3DB-W13 is an ultrasonic washing machine characterized by truly remarkable build quality and performance. ideal for professionally cleaning your 3D printed models with consistently satisfactory results.

With a capacious tank for most uses ( differentiated in its largest model, the W13 with as much as 1.3l capacity), it remains compact and unobtrusive in any work environment with its vertical and narrow strutta.

Constructed of Stainless Steel, you will also be assured of its sturdiness, and thanks to the internal basket, the safety of models during washing is guaranteed and easy to use, dedicated to 3D printing products especially goldsmith and dental.

Cleaning technology info.

Ultrasonic cleaning exploits the principle of cavitation and is done by using high-frequency ultrasonic waves in the fluid. During the process, microscopic bubbles form and implode violently, allowing intense washing action on the surface of the object being cleaned. Small enough to penetrate every crevice of the object being treated, the microbubbles allow for thorough and thorough cleaning of every surface, especially ideal for removing resin residue in narrow and inaccessible or fragile areas that would normally require slow manual cleaning.

Frequenza Ultrasuoni42,000 Hz
Materiale VascaAcciaio inossidabile (SUS304) - Punzonato
Materiale ScoccaAcciaio inossidabile
Controllo Durata0 - 30 minuti
VoltaggioAC 100 -120V, 50/60Hz o AC2020 -240V - 50/60Hz
Potenza Ultrasuoni120 W
Dimesioni Vasca Interna (mm)150 x 135 x 65
Dimensioni Scocca (mm)175 x 165 x 160
Dimesione Imballo (mm)260 x 250 x 270
Peso Netto:2 Kg
Lordo:2,4 Kg