When big is better!

The perfect synthesis of wide format and accuracy. We know, DLP technology is much faster than SLA technology, but when going up in size, SLA 3D printers are more accurate. This is no longer the case; with Galaxy 13, 3D Business engineers twist the rules with a machine that is both precise and large; it has never been like this before.

We did not settle in fact thanks to 3D Business FTD (Fluoropolymer Turbo Dome) technology and POWER SLAB the Galaxy 13 is four times faster than the competition.

So fast, accurate and large format? Yes, with 3D Business Galaxy 13 you can!

Galaxy 13 also offers dynamic printing profiles. This technology introduced by 3D Business in 2015 and greatly developed over the years allows each individual layer to be printed under the optimal conditions. Thanks to special algorithms developed by 3D Business, each printing parameter is automatically optimized layer by layer in order to always achieve the best ratio of speed, accuracy and reliability.

What is the POWER SLAB?
Il power slab is a technology developed by 3D Business engineers which allows particular LEDs to be exploited high temperature to achieve both a very high UV energy density while recovering all the heat produced by the LEDs channeling it to heat resin and print volume (the volume not in all versions). A special duct system and a sophisticated algorithm ensure that all temperatures are always at the levels set for the resin loaded in the printer.

The small details that make a huge difference. Galaxy 13 mounts an innovative 4K UHD printing display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, it follows that the object is built with a maximum error of just 76 microns or 0.076mm. The Z-axis consists of 4 independent motors that drive 20mm diameter ground bars, refined mechanics combined with electronics all designed in Italy allow unprecedented ease of use, in fact the printing plate calibrates automatically at each print start.

Optimized printing algorithms

Dynamic Profiles are special algorithms designed by 3D Business engineers to optimize printing based on each type of resin.
This is a unique feature of 3DBusiness printers.
With dynamic profiles, you can revolutionize the quality of your models and make parts printable that cannot be made with classic profiles.

Among the main benefits, we find:

Reduction in printing time from 50% to 70%.
Drastic reduction of printing defects in critical areas.
Significant improvement in the dimensional accuracy of manufactured parts.
Automatic calculation of optimal printing conditions for each individual layer, thanks to special algorithms built into the software.
Tecnologia StampanteLED-LCDDLP
Dimensione LCD13,3Pollici
Risoluzione LCD3840x2160 4KUHD MONO
Volume di stampa293x165mmh 400mm
Dimesione PIXEL76 um
Controlli temperaturaResina a
temperatura controllata
AzionamentoMicrostepper accuratezza 1,6umquattro indipendenti
Metodo di distaccoFTPFluoropolymer Turbo Dome
Asse Z4 Barre rettificateda 20mm
Profili di stampaDinamici
Lunghezza d'ondada 385nm a 405nm
ConnessioniStampante collegata in rete e modalità stand aloneanche tramite cloud
Metodo di slicingIntegrato nella stamapnte
Memoria interna16GB (Opz. fino 512GB)
IntefacciaDisplay touch 7" WEB based
connesso ad internet con possibilità
di vedere video tutorial dal display
stampante e manuale uso on line
Processo validatocon resine Keystone
SoftwareSpreent 3D exocad integrated
NotePiatto di stampa autocalibrante
Velocità di stampa in
mm/h in Z
80Con layer da 100um

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