UltraFEP is ULTRA in everything

3x Print Speed
3x Useful life
100% Successful Prints
+ Detail
+ Quality
– Stress

UltraFEP (™), the FEP that is not an FEP.

Thanks to 3D Business UltraFEP (™) technology, prints will never be the same again. How can something as simple as a plastic film make so much difference? The FEP is a very thin polymer film, about 100 microns, which is responsible for holding the liquid resin inside the tray and, above all, must ensure good release of the cured resin in the curing stage during printing.

UltraFEP (™) does all this at a level never before achieved. With UltraFEP(™) tanks you can have very detailed, more accurate prints in significantly less time. In addition, it has a much longer service life than a traditional FEP.

Never-before-seen performance

With UltraFEP(™)’s double-laminate technology, it can provide UV light absorption rates 50% to 80% lower than conventional FEPs. So more energy gets to the resin for faster curing.

A 20cm high quality print in less than an hour

With Water2 water resin and a Galaxy 6 printer, it is possible to print at the record speed of 20cm in Z per hour in quality and with very high reliability with 80-micron thick layers.