UV post for transparent resins

As we know clear resins tend to yellow a lot if post treated with normal curing booths!

3D Business has developed a specific version of both light box 1 and light box 2 optimized for transparent resins.

Quest versions called “CLEAR” allow the total transparency of the resin to be maintained without it veering toward yellow .

To achieve this, a specific UV source is used, which even doubling the post-treatment time maintains the resin in its initial color state.

Resin molded but not post treated

Real case of a clear resin properly molded and cured with conventional UV booths

Real case of properly molded and cured aligner with light box CLEAR

Test conditions:
All printing was done with Galxy 6 PLUS 3D printer. The resin used is Dentona clara, which, by the way, is one of the least yellowing-prone resins on the market. Where performed post-curing occurred in light box 2 and light box 2 CLEAR systems.

All technical and overall features remain unchanged from their respective standard versions