Perfect prototyping and the peace of mind of safe printing.

The bridged structure optimizes printing accuracy for consistently first-rate, high-speed processing thanks to the maximum supported speed of 280 m/s. The user experience remains seamless from the color touch display, which features a simple and intuitive icon-based GUI.

The security of the printing process is guaranteed by the unique Recovering system capable of resuming the creation process directly at the moment it was interrupted, due to accidental causes. In addition to this safety, the Sky -333D is equipped with a filament sensor that can warn us when it is nearing its end and give us a way to change the spool.

The display allows us to adjust every minute printing parameter, from nozzle temperature, volume and print plane, before printing and during, allowing us to apply important changes without compromising the never the produced object.
This is a unique feature of 3DBusiness printers.

With dynamic profiles, you can revolutionize the quality of your models and make parts printable that cannot be made with classic profiles.

Among the main benefits, we find:

No co-promise for your most ambitious projects.

The Sky – 333D printer is a model of exceptional industrial technical value, complete in its functions to adapt and simplify the production environment in which it is placed. The printer is cabled with a ‘sleek metal body and is capable of large-format printing with top-level layer accuracy ranges.

The double extruder provides the flexibility typical of double polymer filament always available, and the heated volume and heated platen allow for maximum design variety by opening production to every type of printable material.
The integrated, display-controllable software compartment enables printing under the safest conditions for project realization at all times.

The Sky – 333D proves to be a 3D printing machine with FDM technology capable of meeting the prototyping needs of an industrial environment, under the banner of robustness, safety and ‘first-rate printing accuracy.

Elegant and solid.

The Sky -333D printer is the printer dedicated to designers who like to have solid tools with accurate finishes. It shows itself from the start as a solid printer, constructed of matte black electro-welded metal with high rigidity, capable of printing any type of filament being equipped with a closed chamber and a large, heated platen, allowing even large volume prints.

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